1. I was in a prison, but I was not a prisoner. We were looking for one another. You couldn’t find me when I was right in front of you. It broke my heart. It wasn’t your fault. They had told you I wasn’t really there after all - even though you couldn’t stop yourself from searching. How were you supposed to know I was important to you after all?

    I remember the grey walls were bare of decor, the recreation area was littered with incomplete board games, and the lighting sparse and stark. We caught only glimpses of one another - or what we thought was each other - convincing enough to drive us forward. In the end the glimpses were illusions, tricks of the eye and the mind. This world was our reality and I was only a part of yours through your insistent desire to find me. 

    All of this was something I knew, even though I never found you either. Maybe it wasn’t just me who couldn’t see properly.

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  2. I dreamt about you this morning in the delicate balance between sleep and waking. You climbed into bed and held me, spooned up against me. Your body was warm, your touch a gravitational pull deeper into your arms. The sound of your breathing against my ear brought me close to wakefulness so I clung to the feeling of you.

    "Do you miss me?" Yes.
    “Did you get what you wanted?” Maybe.
    “When will you know?”

    You kissed my neck gently, breathed in deeply, pulled me closer. I felt both pleasant and sad as I awoke.

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  4. zombiemoxie:


    Gonna break 100lbs on squats this week. Celebrate. 🍑

    I’ve been sick all week so I haven’t broken 100lbs yet. I’m really disappointed, and yet… this downtime has allowed me some quality time alone with my cute new booty.

    girl, where do you work out so i can gym date you sometime :o


  5. public service announcement: addendum

    I’m also going sugar free for a while. I’m blogging about that plus my experiences as a single white woman on tinder at sugarfreeplz.tumblr.com. I kind of expect it to be amazing. It also could totally suck. You should let me know.

    loves xoxo


  6. public service announcement

    If you’re looking for my art, it never left.

    I’m compiling it over at emilie-anthology.tumblr.com. I’m hoping to make that tumblr where I post all my photography, graphic design, and costuming. Please follow it - I’m actually very proud. :)


  7. peace fills all of it
    expanding, rising, pushing into small corners
    crevices of sadness, lost hopes, abandoned dreams

  8. i am betrayed by my smiles, my eyes
    in spite of my self, my intentions,
    my heart sings your name louder than
    my brain can drown out the thoughts of you
  9. - Pablo Neruda #typography (messy, I ran out of eraser, yet kind of perfect.)

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  10. love you, pops #tbt

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  11. I was happiest here. #latergram (at Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort)

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  13. #utah #skiutah (at Solitude Mountain Resort)

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  14. kids for days. #skiutah #Solitude (at Solitude Mountain Resort)

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